Win your market by attracting and keeping the best talent.

You’re doomed if you don’t transform your company into a talent magnet. Implement now our unique SuperScale TalentMagnet framework to pull the best talent into your company and turn them into your loyal fans.

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Your TalentMagent experts Iskender & Louise worked for and consulted leading companies in their career:

You’re doomed if you don’t turn into a talent magnet.

You’re facing the biggest war for talent in history. And the talent shortage will just get more dramatic.

You’re under strong pressure. The big resignation is here. Unsatisfied employees are resigning in masses to find more meaning in their careers.

At the same time you’re facing talent competition from all sides: corporates, consultancies, start-ups, scale-ups, big international companies that offer fully remote work – and a new wave of entrepreneurship.

Employees are feeling more and more empowered to found their own businesses. The creator economy movement is turning creators into businesses. Talented individuals increasingly follow their passion and their dream for independence –  instead of being employed by you. You need to act. Now. Or you’re doomed. Forever.

The best competitive moat: best in class talent.

There is nothing more important for your success than attracting best in class talent and keeping it. If you manage to turn into a talent magnet, you’ll have the biggest competitive advantage possible. Your very own TalentMagnet framework to win and keep the best talent will become your secret sauce to dominate your market.


The SuperScale Talent Magnet Framework

The SuperScale Talent Magnet is a unique framework based on three core ideas:

  • The candidate and talent journey needs to be treated like a customer journey.

  • Turning into an attractive employer requires a holistic approach.

  • You need to excel as a talent magnet or you’ll lose your market.

Implemented and executed right, our TalentMagnet framework will turn you into the most attractive employer of your industry. It will become the key enabler for your future growth and market dominance.


We’re offering you solutions tailored to your needs:


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Intense team workshops tailored to your needs.

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Our Coaches and Consultants

Iskender Dirik

I’m a Tech Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor. As an operator, I've been hiring A+ talent for 20 years now. As an investor, I’m working with the most innovative startups on the planet – and consulting them on how to attract and keep the talent they need to realize their dreams.

Country Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland for, the globally leading website building tool.

Venture Partner at EQT Ventures, a leading international venture fund (>1,2bn EUR assets under management)

Managing Director/CEO at Microsoft ScaleUp, the most innovative Startup Program at Microsoft, the world’s leading software company.

Managing Director and General Manager at Samsung NEXT, the international VC and Innovation Unit of Samsung, the world’s leading consumer electronics company.

Managing Director at Bauer Venture Partners, a 100 Millionen Euro venture capital fund.

Managing Director at C3 Creative Code and Content, a leading European digital agency.

Founder/Managing Director INFINITE DISRUPTION GmbH. Angel Investor. Startup incubator.

I consulted leading global companies like Porsche, Deutsche Telekom, Axel Springer, Bertelsmann, Telefonica, Otto,Pro7Sat1, Volkswagen, and Straight Times (Singapore). But more importantly: I worked for 20 years with the most innovative startups and scale-ups from all over the world like:

“Iskender and I worked together at Samsung Electronics when I was the Company's Chief Innovation Officer and President of Samsung NEXT. He stands out as a rare leader with a disruptive mindset and a genuine desire to share his expertise with others. He led Samsung NEXT in Europe with great resilience and focus while also being flexible and creative. He is engaging and very personable. I'm glad we worked together and hope our paths cross again soon.”

David Eun

Former Chief Innovation Officer of Samsung Electronics
Our Coaches and Consultants

Louise Dirik

I’ve worked in HR positions at leading venture builders, executive search firms and VC backed startups. I’m beyond passionate about helping companies to attract better talent – and turn their employees into happy fans. My favorite KPI: the Employee Net Promoter Score.

COO & Venture Builder

Career Coach

Talent Acquisition for leading venture builder

Headhunting for leading executive search firm in the digital space

People Management for VC backed startup