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With more growth and less pain into a wonderful scale-up future.

Scaling a startup is a mammoth task. In us you finally have a trusted partner at your side. We transform startups holistically and empower them to scale: With mindsets, methods, strategies, and tools that the best Silicon Valley startups use.

The result:
More Scale & Growth
More Fun
More Future
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Iskender Dirik (your coach) is a VC, Entrepreneur, and Executive having worked for some of the most innovative firms in the world:

Digital Transformation

Iskender providing his SuperScale framework at Microsoft:


You are leading a startup and know some of this too well:

You’re not scaling fast enough
It’s a challenge for you to find great talent
You’re losing your best team members
Your team could accomplish more than they do
Acquiring customers/users in a scalable way is... TOUGH
Your company is dependent on you
Your processes are error-prone and don’t feel scalable
You’re not perceived as unique in the market
The more you grow, the more complex everything gets

We’re enabling you to transform your startup holistically, for:

More growth and revenues
A unique positioning in the market with a “wow” effect
Easier talent acquisition
Better talent development and motivation
A united team that is fully committed to the same goals
More time for everyone to focus on tasks they love
A scalable marketing and sales approach
A company that works without you (shocker, it’s possible)
A self-sustaining system with scalable processes
Success Stories

Listen to some Clients Partners we supported in their scaling transformation:

"Simply transformational. Even for a serial entrepreneur and VC."

Michael Breidenbrücker

Co-Founder Senseforce, formerly Partner at Speedinvest and Founder

"Amazing! I’ve never went through a course with so many relevant takeaways. Will start implementing next week."

Christian Piechnick

CEO/Co-Founder Wandelbots

"Superscale covers everything you should know and do to scale your company – in the most compact framework I've ever seen. It's your shortcut to grow your business. It was transformational, even for an experienced serial entrepreneur like me."

Tobias Schlottke


"SuperScale is the number one program I recommend to the founders of my portfolio companies. Every founder should have gone through the program. You’ll avoid a lot of mistakes others did before and get a step-by-step framework for your growth, plus access to a top-notch support network.”

Daria Saharova

Founding Partner World Fund

"This was pure gold. So many eye-opening insights. Harvard Business School like experience."

Federico Stefanato

Co-Founder/CEO Waterdata

"A firework of hands-on best-practices to scale your company. Don’t miss this, no matter how experienced you are."

Ricardo Margalho

CEO/Co-Founder Stratio Automotive

This is how your scaling transformation can look, too:

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Target Group: Startups

We’re focused on tech startups from all industries. Our coaching and consulting program is tailored to founders and C-Level executives.

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The ultimate constructing plan for the transformation of your startup:

Based on 20 years of experience, we developed a step-by-step construction plan. This plan will become the foundation on which you’ll further build your company to get into an “infinite scaling” mode.


These are the modules of our coaching and consulting program with whom we’ll transform together your startup:

Select Modules:

How to develop and implement company DNA that will become the foundation for your growth:

Value Proposition

How to develop a clear and effective value proposition that everyone in your company knows by heart and that will become the basis of a radical customer orientation.


How to create a “game plan“ that defines your company purpose, your values, your strategy, your key measures, objectives, and key results – and how you implant that masterplan into the mind of every team member.


How to create, live, and breathe a unique culture that attracts the best talent, retains them, and makes your team indivisible.


How to leverage stories as a tool to pass your defined company DNA over a rapidly growing organization.


How to develop a brand understanding that will become the workhorse of your growth in the simplest way.

How you develop an operating system that decouples your company growth from you as a person:


How you implement an “operating system“ for your company that is not dependent on you or particular team members.


How you set up processes that will become better when you grow – and not the way around.


Which software tools you should use to automate processes and implement a system landscape that enables rapid growth.

How to find better talent than your competitors, and lead, develop and retain them:

Employee Lifecycle

  • Recruiting: How to find A-class employees and convince them to join – with methods almost nobody else uses.

  • Onboarding: How to onboard new employees so that they generate the most value in the long-term and are genuinely happy to be there.

  • Talent development: How you develop your team initially and continuously like the most progressive firms in the world.

  • Offboarding: How to efficiently offboard team members that leave the company.

Leadership and Management:

  • Leadership: How to structure your organization from a leadership perspective with the principles of modern leadership and management – in order to attract the best talent, develop, and retain it.

  • Communication Architecture: How to define communication architecture as an invisible communication system enabling your rapid growth trajectory.

  • Productivity: How you unlock undreamed-of potentials in your team with little behavioral changes – from individual productivity hacks to your company-wide meeting culture.

How you scale your customer acquisition and amaze your clients:


  • “3C Customer Connector Model”: An up-to-date marketing model that will help you to look at marketing in a new and truly holistic way

  • Content Marketing: How to transform your company into a media company to acquire new customers efficiently and make more revenue with existing customers

  • Personal Branding: How to can generate more business with your very personal brand

  • Search Engine Optimization: Why you should consider search engine optimization as a main pillar of your marketing strategy

  • Viral Marketing: How to start an avalanche that will bring “free“ new customers to you

  • Storytelling: How to transform your marketing and tap into unforeseen customer acquisition potentials with a focus on storytelling

  • Branding: How to leverage your company brand to make more money

  • WOW: How to stick out from the masses by creating “creative uniqueness“

  • Website: How to turn your website into your best salesperson

  • Community: How to build a community that will build competitive moats

  • Pricing: How to use the fundamentals of up-to-date pricing strategies to improve your marketing and financial performance


  • Automation: How to systemize your sales and develop a scaling sales engine

  • Best Practices: A healthy dose of success tips to optimize your sales performance

  • Pitching: How to present your products and services most effectively and how to transfer your value proposition into outstanding sales pitches to win more deals


  • Customer Focus: How to implement a radical customer orientation 

  • WOW: How to amaze your clients and not just satisfy their needs

  • Customer Journey: How to win your customers over at every single touch point of their journey with you to generate more revenue (including a big, fun community case study)

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Basic Building Blocks

Our program is based on three pillars:

Digital DNA

Implementation of mindsets, approaches and tools of the best silicon valley companies

Best Practices

Adaption of the most successful methods of modern business management


Development of creative approaches for a unique positioning in the market

Function & Process

How our coaching and consulting program is structured – this is how you can implement the company architecture of the best scale-ups and most successful companies in the world:

We’re a completely new breed of consulting firm that every startup can should afford:

So far, the best management consulting firms were only affordable for big corporations. This has an end now: We’re democratizing the consultancy market with an innovative coaching and consulting concept that transforms startups holistically:


As if Iskender sits besides you.

You’ll get access to a unique e-learning platform. You’ll watch top-notch videos at your desired pace. In XX profound training videos Iskender will teach you the architecture that will transform your startup.

Step by step. As he would sit at the table together with you. An inspiring and transformative journey.


Ask questions to Iskender and learn from others

To get into your individual questions you’ll get access to regular Live-Calls. Iskender and his expert team will answer all of your questions in detail. You’ll also learn from other great entrepreneurs and their experiences.

The live calls will be recorded so you can watch them whenever you want.


Peers are waiting to support you.

Join a positive community of top entrepreneurs that are on the same page with you.

You’ll get a network for life: Entrepreneurs that have similar challenges as you, that share their experiences and test implementation ideas, deriving from Iskender’s video modules, with each other.


Your exclusive connection to Iskender & Team.

You have specific questions and needs that you want to discuss with Iskender and his team in a 1:1?

We’re offering you premium formats to tackle your biggest challenges together.


Our innovative coaching and consulting approach is based on:

20 years of experience in the digital industry on top level and in the building and scaling of startups.

Work and partnership with more than 100 innovative tech startups worldwide that raised together hundreds of millions of venture capital.

Insights of globally leading entrepreneurs, leaders, and experts.

Thousands of books, articles, best practices, and exclusive events about the transformation methods of the most successful companies in the world.


Access to the best experts for your scaling transformation

We’ll provide you with a construction plan and a unique source of inspiration for your scaling transformation. If you’ll need external support for some implementation areas, you’ll find the best experts in the market in our top-notch network. 

We’re working with the best online marketers, sales coaches, HR experts, recruiters, agencies, etc. in the market.

Here are just a few experts from our network:

Emily Becher

Operations Expert

Former SVP MD Head of Samsung Next Global, SVP/GM at AOL, Executive at Yahoo, Stanford Alumni

Prof. Dr. Matthias Erhardt

Internationally renowned expert for talent development

Founder of the “Autoris Institute for Talent Development”, Harvard, Columbia & IESE Business School Alumnus

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt

Pricing Strategy Expert

Managing Director at WillingnessToPay, Harvard Alumni

Dr. Benjamin Kreck

Cloud & IT Expert

Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Deutschland

Dr. Jens Hutzschenreuter

Digitale Sales Expert

Managing Partner of the Digital Business Group, formerly Groupon and Boston Consulting Group

...and many, many more.

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About Iskender

Your coach and consultant: Iskender Dirik

Iskender Dirik is Founder and Managing Director of the INFINITE DISRUPTION GmbH. He founded (too) many startups. He made (too) many mistakes as a founder.

And he worked with many successful startups and scale-ups as venture capitalist and in his leadership positions at leading global companies:

Managing Director/CEO at Microsoft ScaleUp, the most innovative Startup Program at Microsoft, the world’s leading software company.

Country Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland for, the globally leading website building tool.

Managing Director and General Manager at Samsung NEXT, the international VC and Innovation Unit of Samsung, the world’s leading consumer electronics company.

Managing Director at Bauer Venture Partners, a 100 Millionen Euro venture capital fund.

Venture Partner at EQT Ventures, a leading international venture fund (>1,2bn EUR assets under management)

Managing Director at C3 Creative Code and Content, a leading European digital agency.

Iskender consulted leading global companies like Porsche, Deutsche Telekom, Axel Springer, Bertelsmann, Telefonica, Otto,Pro7Sat1, and Volkswagen. But more importantly; he worked for 20 years with startups and scaleups from all over the world like:

Iskender is looking forward to scaling his impact on startups and scaleups through his innovative coaching and consulting approach.

“Iskender and I worked together at Samsung Electronics when I was the Company's Chief Innovation Officer and President of Samsung NEXT. He stands out as a rare leader with a disruptive mindset and a genuine desire to share his expertise with others. He led Samsung NEXT in Europe with great resilience and focus while also being flexible and creative. He is engaging and very personable. I'm glad we worked together and hope our paths cross again soon.”

David Eun

Former Chief Innovation Officer of Samsung Electronics

Some videos with Iskender Dirik:

Keynote at Founders Summit (Entrepreneur's University)

Microsoft for Startups VC Negotiation Workshop

COUP Founder Workshop at Microsoft


And here are three selected publications of Iskender:

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